June, 29, 2014: new publication of Nexus Foundation: “From Market- to Development Orientation – the Trade Aspect of Food Security and Agriulture” in: “Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture & Society” (p. 3 and 146 – 153)
The official web address of the Journal is  where you can download all articles. Also, you are kindly requested to find the full version of the journal at the platform ISSUU® in the following link, pdf: From_Market_to_Development_Orientation_Fuchs

December 13, 2013: One week after Bali – how is the ‘Bali package’ to be judged? Read our blog at Nexus blog

December 4, 2013: Our proposition for the WTO Ministerial Bali: extend the peace clause from four to seven years (for G-33 governments to be allowed to purchase food on local sources to administered prices for food storage issues).

October, 11 2013 Nexus Foundation, on behalf of SEKEM group contributed to drafting the United Nations Global Conduct White Paper for Sustainable Agricultural Business Principles. They are now open for comments: (please copy and paste in your browser): (Deadline 15th of November)

On October, 3 2013, UNCTAD Seceratary General Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, who just took chair in September, invited Geneva-based civil society organizations for a first meeting in his term. Nexus Foundation attended; see;#20;#UNCTAD%20Home

On October 1 – 3 2013, the WTO Public Forum with several hundred participants took part in Geneva. Nexus Foundation contributed two workshops, one on the role of the digital economy to contribute to vibrant rural economies and another in co-operation with IATP and Oxfam on food reserves. Both workshops were well taken by the audience.

On Wednesday, 18 September 2013 the UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2013 was launched.  At a Press Conference in the Geneva UN Office Ulrich Hoffmann (Editor), Urs Niggli and Nikolai Fuchs (two of the over 60 co-authors) presented the report, entitled: Act before it is too late to which 60 authors have contributed, to the public. The review highlights the drastic changes needed in agriculture to combat hunger and environmental degradation: a paradigm shift to ecological intensification, agroecological approaches and a revised trade regime to local preferences is due and should take place better sooner than later. The press release of the review is available at  ; the main findings and the full report are accessible through

The Guardian wrote: