Fuchs, N. 2014: From Market- to Development Orientation – the Trade Aspect of Food Security and Agriulture in: “Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture & Society” (p. 3 and 146 – 153)
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Fuchs, N. 2013: The Trade Side of Food Security – The Role of the WTO. In: Albrecht, S., et al. (Ed.): The Future of Food, Berlin

Fuchs, N.; Hoffmann, U. 2013: Ensuring food security and environmental resilience – The need for supportive agricultural trade rules. In: UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2013

Fuchs, Nikolai 2013: Is it appropriate, to exclude agriculture out of the EU – US trade deal? CUTS Trade Forum 22.02.13

CUTS Trade Forum 22.02.13

Brüntrup, M., Brandi, C. und Fuchs, N. 2011: Agriculture is Special: Conclusions Drawn from the Death Throes of the Doha Round for a Development-friendly Agricultural Trade Policy. DIE Policy Brief
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Fuchs, Nikolai 2011: Expert comments on the FAO GEA project, food availability (session 2)
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